The President Trump inauguration Failed Like a Dog

Trump Inauguration


The Trump Inauguration fails like a dog. Compared to President Barack Obama, Donald Trump falls short in almost every imaginable category. The Presidental Inauguration was no exception.

Donald Trump says his Inauguration brought out record crowds of a million people, and the news media claims of 250K are lies. Most of us can count and even more of us can see. The Obama 2009 inauguration simply dwarfed the 2017 Trump inauguration in terms of numbers. The speech is another story.

Trump has doubled down and sent his press secretary (Sean Spicer) out to suggest that our lying eyes are false. Sean Spicer performance almost reached Baghdad Bob levels of delusion. He is competing with Kelly Ann Conway (The Speed Liar) for the top spot Trump propagandist.

Kelly Ann Conway will retain the top spot if she retains her job. She is impressive and scary at the same time. She can spin 10,000 lies per second (LPS) with ease. At that speed, she is bound to make a job ending error. For sheer entertainment, I will miss her.

On his first day on the job, the Trump Inauguration falls short as compared to President Barack Obama. This seems to bother Trump. I am concerned with the long-term mental health of Trump. As compared to President Barack Obama he will fail in every imaginable way, for four years or until he decides to quit or is impeached.

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