Jon Stewart Has Found His Calling Post-‘Daily Show,’ And It’s Professional Wrestling

He’s gonna be a WWE champion one day.


Jon Stewart began his first gig since leaving the “The Daily Show” by giving himself a moment to soberly reflect on his past.

“I spent the last 16 years talking about politics. It’s nice to be back in reality,” he told a roaring WWE crowd in Brooklyn, New York on Sunday night while attending SummerSlam 2015.

His new reality — that of professional wrestling — is scripted and performance-based, but Stewart is more than happy to oblige.

Especially when there’s a piece of the action to be had:



Aside from his well-groomed streaky silver locks of hair, Stewart is now also rocking a retirement beard and handling the ring pretty well.

He charged up to Rollins, intimating him with sudden movements, a hunchback, and of course, that folding chair. Rollins and Stewart have a feud dating back to last spring, so seeing Stewart attack his arch-nemesis wasn’t a surprise here.


Hey Stewart, you gonna use that thing or what? Go get Rollins!



Oh snap, he just KO’d John Cena!

Stewart was dubbed a “SummerSlam criminal” by the announcers for interfering with the match. Not a bad start to post-“Daily Show” life.

Stewart should watch his back though — Cena is known to get his revenge every now and then.

Headshot of Justin Block
 Associate Sports Editor, The Huffington Post


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