#BlackLivesMatter New Visa Debit Card and Myths of Black Capitalism

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#BlackLivesMatter Organization lunch a New Visa Debit as a first step in an attempt to bolster Black Capitalism. This is not meant to be the final solution to an enormous problem but many criticize them anyway.

Wells Fargo this week gave a public apology to a customer who wanted to personalize her debit card with a #BlackLivesMatter design. San Francisco-based bank also defended its reasons for rejecting the image.

#BlackLivesMatter and OneUnited Bank seized on the opportunity to create a #BlackLivesMatter Debit Card generate economic activity inBlack Capitalism. OneUnited Bank is an African-American owned and managed financial institution headquartered out of Boston, Massachusetts.

I applaud #BlackLivesMatter leaders for doing something. Others criticize them for doing anything. Like there any one solution would solve the black community economic woes. There are many possible solutions to direct the enormous economic spending power towardsBlack Capitalism and they should be explored.

I believe the #BlackLivesMatter Debit Card is a great first step for the organization. At this time the only economic interest American financial institutions have in Black communities is to flip it for profit and that leaves the Black community out in the cold, literally.

There are interesting praise and criticism for the #BlackLivesMatterOneUnited Bank deal. There are also much interesting praise and solutions to firing up the great economic engine of Black Capitalism. [MORE . . . ]



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